Sicilian Lemon Herbal Tea Gift Tin

Tea Gift Tins



This Gift Tin is designed specifically for herbal tea lovers!

Our Sicilian Lemonade herbal tea bags can be enjoyed either hot for a warming winter lift or chilled on a hot summer's day!

A simply lovely gift of 15 premium quality tea bags. 

The pretty pyramid tea bags are packed in Harrogate - just an hour away from the Gift in a Tin office and are made from biodegradable material. The outer packaging is also fully biodegradable green packaging. Our Gift Tins make lovely keepsake tins, for refilling with more tea bags, and they're fully recyclable too.

So not are you just buying a really thoughtful gift, it's also kind to the environment. 

Why not treat someone to a lovely thank you gift, Happy Christmas treat, or an end of term teacher's gift?

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